The Miraculous Cats

Story of fighter cats, a long story for hope.

Don’t you ever lose hope…

I used to live in Zen Tower the one that had fire in Dubai Marina on May 2018.

Family evacuated in minutes and my two cats were inside the building, at the same day I asked the Firefighters and Police to go check my apartment and save them and all what they said is “we saved all pets already”, I saw the rescue car with one cat only and it was not mine, I knew later who the owner is and he managed to take it a day later.

3 days after I went again and begged the officials again to go up and check and they went down and found nothing, but they told me again they saved all of them and that because they left all the doors opened for cooling then any cats might have ran away from the building.

I went to civil defense, Police stations, Dubai Municipality…etc. and searched everywhere with no luck.
We kept for days and days checking everywhere and roaming the streets of Dubai Marina maybe they escaped, specially that they closed all the doors again so any remaining cats are trapped now.

On the 19th date after the fire: the building security called me saying they found a cat and put it in a box, I ran to them and found another cat that was not mine, but again I knew the owner and called him and another saved kitty is there.

Time passes and sadness is overwhelming us but still not losing hope.

View of the first floor

On the 23rd day after the fire they called me again and I went and found my first baby “Misha” she was afraid and she was scratching and biting the guys that saved her so they put her in a sealed box, she was found in the 1st floor where the apartments are totally burnt out but the balconies are connected so I believe she managed to go from a place to a place in the search for food and water but she made it, she saw me and calmed down and I took her to the vet, extremely dehydrated and lost 1/3 her weight. couple of shots from the vet and I took her home to give her care and love and sleeping only in my arms all the time.



Few days and she started being normal but was all the time either searching for me or her sister and meowing day and night.

On the 27th day from the fire the miracle happened and they called me when one of the apartments opened the door to get some things and they found my other cat, she was hiding from everyone under a bed, when she saw me and heard my voice she came to me.
Extremely weak and almost dying I took her to the vet “Umm Suqeim Vet hospital” where I met Dr. Chris for the first time, he told me the cat needs to stay for all Kinds of test as she is in a bad condition but he said the first test and staying will cost initially 3 or 4 thousand and in a week this might reach 10 thousand and not guaranteed yet it will be fine!!!
I told him I’ll take her and take care of her, but over the night she refused to eat or drink as she was extremely week, also it was clear it is under shock and depression, staring in nowhere, not capable of walking more than 3 steps and refusing any food or drink even by a syringe although she lost 1/2 her weight already.
We took her to another vet that I trust more and I know they are not only after commercial benefits “Pet Zone Vet Clinic” behind Mazaya center on Sheikh Zayed Road, and I found the trusted Dr. Natascia, once she saw it she wondered how it is still alive and put her on IV immediately and told me don’t worry about the cost for now and we only paid AED 500 down payment.

For 8 days she was hospitalized with either IV or force fed and daily I’d either visit or call the doctor to get the updates and she started eating, drinking and passing on her own after the 4th day.
After 8 days she was back to life although still week but I took her home to continue the therapy needed as I did for her sister.
Worth mentioning that it only costed about AED 980 for everything.

I’m happy to have both of them back, cats are fighters and these two saw some hard days.
Never lose hope and give them lots of ❤️



Survival Mode

This is a story of survival for me and My family and how we will face life in a different way after an event that affected our lives forever.

It all started on Sunday 13th of May 2018 when Dubai had a sand storm and when my building started this:

And Very soon it was all over the news in all the UAE.

The summary version of the story is:

I’m at work, wife took kids out of the building through the 9th floor stairs, no one is injured, I came from work, building most if it is damaged, no access allowed, so at this moment we know nothing about our life, no cats found, no cars available, no clothes, no cash, no passports, no IDs….nothing.

This is how the building looked like:

Zen Tower Dubai Marina

All the residences went to hotel paid by the insurance and I went with them, wife stayed at a friend’s place, borrowed clothes for kids, I borrowed a car.
Family reached the hotel, and we all survived on credit card and a smart phone only because I had them in my pocket.

Got to supermarket bought clothes and shoes for everyone, snacks for kids and essentials of just…surviving.

Tried to keep kids laughing and forgetting all about how they ran out with their pajamas and one of them ran barefoot just to evacuate the building, they were fine most of the times, but sleeping the first night was not an easy thing.

Wife is a hero, kids are tough in hard situations, police and civil defense did a great job.

Sticking together as a family; we went to eat, get some more clothes, calling authorities for the situation or the cats and no one is still aware of the full situation or telling us what to do.

We started putting a daily plan how to deal with life from scratch, hotel is saying we have maximum of 3 days to stay based on the building insurance policy.

We made a small community between all the residents of the tower and we started communicating and sharing stories of the tragedy, some people lost everything already and with no money, phones, passports or anything, just their pajamas.

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Everyone is trying to help, friends, family, school, work colleagues and business partners, Dubai showed me a totally new side of it that is full of good and compassionate feelings.

Kids went to school without the normal uniform, school parents and students are all eager to listen and help, kids felt good and bad about it but we made our best to hold to the brave and courage emotions and focus on what matters, “us”

Super Market
Kids making funny faces after we got them new clothes and still shopping for some essentials

Everyday at night I had to do a family therapy because they started remembering their stuff, their toys, their home, clothes and cats. Dealing with the traumatic after effects was not easy.

After 4 days I was allowed in for 10 minutes to get the important stuff only as passports and IDs, I got the critical things but the scene of the fuming burnt out black building’s reception, stairs and corridors would take years to be forgotten, specially that I used the stairs up and down with a heavy suitcase from the 9th floor.

I also got my car key but my wife’s car is still in the building and it needs to be repaired first in order to be used again, not bad knowing that the cars on the left and right are burnt to the ground.
We didn’t even thought we would reach this stage, we thought all is lost, but we knew the God is really with us all the time, so we took it easy on ourselves.

Fire and Rain
It was raining, that day, so we decided to smile and thank God for what we have, not what we had or might get. The real story of Rain and Fire, with a smile.

I moved the family to a furnished apartment that we can call “home” for now, they started to feel life is getting back gradually.

I’m still not losing hope of finding my cats, I’ll search everywhere till I find them and get them back to the arms of my kids.

We will go again to the apartment in a schedule to get more clothes and light things, furniture cannot be taken anytime soon as the building’s condition will not allow moving heavy stuff out….but who cares for now!

Moral of the story:

This hard experience made us stronger, made us value many things away from cars, phones, money and clothes.

Here is the family in the new home, sticking our tongues out to life, we are the un-breakables. Don’t ask me how Adam can have this flower shaped tongue, I can’t do it :-)

Although we are all tired but here we are putting our tongues out to life telling it you will not break us, God is great and merciful and all the materialistic stuff doesn’t matter in life, stay strong and be unbreakable 💪

قدر الله وماشاء فعل، الحمد لله الذي عافانا مما ابتلى به غيرنا وفضلنا على كثير من خلقه

To be continued….

Update of our story:

More than 3 months passed, we stayed in Hotel for two months and finally rented and moved to a new apartment, it is in a quit place because everyone needs that in this phase of our life.

We found our cats finally, and it was a miracle, but that’s another post as it is a long story.

Adam went through a surgery after a week from the incident (Appendicitis), Noon went through a dental surgery after two weeks from the incident.

Me and My wife got a permission to enter the apartment and take some important things.

I kept going to the police station back and forth to get a report and a permission to get my wife’s car out of the parking to start fixing it, it was one of the very few cars that were not totally gone.



Moving the furniture that was not burnt was a project on its own since no electricity, elevators, AC…etc. so imagine moving everything through a tiny staircase (fire exit) from the 9th floor.

It took two full days of movement and three weeks


Life between hospitals and the burnt out building

I kept going to the police station back and forth to get a report and a permission to get my wife’s car out of the parking to start fixing it, it was one of the very few cars that were not totally gone.


Moving the furniture that was not burnt was a project on its own since no electricity, elevators, AC…etc. so imagine moving everything through a tiny staircase (fire exit) from the 9th floor.

It took two full days of movement and three weeks of unpacking, cleaning and organizing in the new place.

The Resolution:

We are grateful that we are alive and with minimum losses…

We lost some time and money but we learned a lot, it was not easy and it will not be totally erased from our memory any time soon, but I do believe our biggest lesson we learned is.

“The most of Important Things in life….Are not Things”

5 reasons to love summer in Dubai

1- Long Traffic Jams no more

Many people just escape the heat and go back for a long vacation in Summer, also visitors to the city are usually less too, don’t forget also that you will not find the yellow school buses causing bottle necks round each corner every morning and afternoon.


2- Lower electricity bills

In most of the buildings the direction of the cold water tap will give you boiling hot water, so you can just close your water heater and take cold water directly from the heater that stayed long enough enjoying your AC.

However the only problem here is the daily pain you get when you try to wipe it down there after letting go in the toilet, after 5 seconds you will just feel the water turning to a boiling degree that will make you just….I don’t even want to talk about it.

3-The best shopping season of the year

Dubai Summer Surprises is the longest sale season of the year, enjoy 3 months of continuous sale, discounts, prizes and festival shows.
Also you will find sale on clothes that you will actually wear in the city because it is summer fashion, on the contrary the winter shopping festival (DSF) is just full of winter fashion that is attractive only to tourists.

4-Workload is less

With Ramadan’s fewer working hours in summer and with almost everyone planning for a vacation in July and August, you will barely find an aggressive deadline to catch or critical decisions to be taken.

Enjoy it while you can because last quarter of the year is usually the toughest here after everyone got their break.


5-Weather is predictable



Outdoor plans might get ruined during any other season because of rain, thunder storms, sand storms…etc., but from June to October its always the same.

We usually say we have two seasons here; Summer and…Hell

Well, the last point is not actually a thing you would love in Dubai during the summer, however I had to find something to fill point number 5 :-)

Enjoy your summer and stay cool.

The princess Noon

Ladies and gentlemen I announce to you the arrival of our new baby girl princess “Noon” which is an Arabic letter the same as “N” in English.

“ن” وهو الحرف الخامس والعشرون في الأبجدية العربية ويتم نطقه وكتابته “نون”.
– ذكر في القرآن “ن والقلم وما يسطرون” وقد فسره البعض بمدواة القلم التي يكتب بها الملائكة في اللوح المحفوظ.
– ذكر في القرآن أيضاً “ذا النون” وهو يونس عليه السلام والنون هو الحوت.
– وفي اللغات الشرقية النون والحوت تطلق على الأسماك.
– وفي لغة المصريين القدماء نون تعني الماء والمحيط.

بعيون آدم: حبيبتي، هل أخبرتك اليوم كم أحبك؟

From Adam (A guide for every woman to know how to deal with men)

هل أخبرتك كم إشتقت إليكي؟ وكم أنا ممتن لوجودك في حياتي؟

أعرف إجابتك مسبقا فالإجابة هي دائماً “لا” إما لأنك لم تسمعيها أو لأنك تريدين سماعها في كل لحظة، ولكن حتى لو لم تسمعها أذناك فهذا لا يعني إن قلبي لم ينطق بها في صمت.

أعذريني إذا أحببتك في صمت فكلما زاد حبي لك كلما عجزت الكلمات عن وصف مشاعري تجاهك، مازال قلبي ينبض بحبك كنبض قلب المراهق للحب الأول، مازالت أريد أن أتغزل في خصلات شعرك وأغير منها حين تقبل وجنتك، ما زلت أهيم في عيناك التي تملأ القلب بأشعارها ولولا ستر الأهداب لها في كل رمشة لوقعت أسيراً بتأثير أسحارها.

أعذريني إذا أحببتك في صمت فنضج مشاعري وصل منتهاه وجعل كلماتي كطفل صغير يحمر خجلاً كلما رآك، كشاعر مهما كتب من الأشعار تبقى له قصيدة في داخله لن يستطع أبدا كما يريد إكمالها، كفنان مهما رسم من اللوحات تبقى لوحة في داخله مزق العديد من اللوحات في محاولاته لرسمها.

أعذريني إذا أحببتك في صمت فحبي لك لم يتوقف ولكنه تغير لآفاق أبعد وأعمق، ورغم أني قد لا أبوح بكل أسرار حبي لك ولكن آن لك أن تعرفي أن إبتسامتك هي ما تملأ القلب ضياء وحنانك هو ما يلين قسوة قلبي، بيتي هو حيث أسمع صوتك ووطني حيث أحضانك، راحة بالي هي أمانك وطموحي مبتغاه إسعادك، أحلامي تحقيق أحلامك ونجاحي خطواته بأقدامك، مشاعرك هي ما يدفئ قلبي  وعيناك هي سر إطمئناني.

أعذريني إذا أحببتك في صمت فأنا أحبك في نظراتي ولمساتي وأحضاني ، رجولتي لا مكان لها بدون أنوثتك ووجودك هو ما يكمل كياني، أنت من يضيف للحياة الآمال والمعاني فهي لا تكتمل بدون وجودك بجانبي لمشاركتي أفراحي وأحزاني ، أنت من يبكي بدلاً عني حين تعجز دموعي عن الجريان وأنت من يتوقف عند لمساتك منطق الزمان والمكان.

حتى لو لم أبوح وأعترف ولكني في قلبي أعرف بأنك من يجعلني رجلاً أفضل، ومثلي مثل رجال كثيرين يحبون في صمت حين تنضب الكلمات ولكن لا تنضب المشاعر وإنما تتقد يوما بعد يوم ويصبح البوح بها مختلفاً وفي سكوت.

حبيبتي…هل أخبرتك اليوم كم أحبك؟ نعم لقد قلتها وأقولها لك كل يوم مئات المرات ولكن إن لم تسمعها أذناك هل يسمعها قلبك الآن؟


From Adam: 10 mistakes young ladies fall in before marriage

From Adam (A guide for every woman to know how to deal with men)

Are you afraid that after marriage you will both be totally different persons than the ones you used to be?

Are you afraid some problems might hinder that marriage and you don’t know what went wrong that made you breakup?

And if you managed to be married then why some men blame it on women that they changed after marriage and became someone else? And of course that’s just a start of a chain of other consequences that lead to problems and hence…unhappy marriage.

Then here are some tips from Adam to avoid some common mistakes that young ladies might fall in during engagement.

1- Over-caring

It’s good to care but not to over care, don’t call him every hour and don’t be around him all the time, don’t also be nosy and command to know everything that happened to him during the day, who he met, what are their names, how he know them, what did he eat…etc. give him some space, some freedom and let him miss you.

2- Don’t change yourself for him

Don’t love what he loves or hate what he hates, don’t just say you love coffee as the first thing in the morning while you always preferred orange juice, don’t say you don’t mind the smell of his cigarets unless you really don’t, don’t wear blue a lot just because he said he loves that color on you, don’t like his type of music, movies or food and forget your real taste in between…just don’t be him.

Don’t look at your best all the time when you meet him, let him see you every now and then without makeup, with your comfy slippers, your sports outfit and how you look in your daily life.

Don’t change yourself for him and become another person, be yourself and let him love you the way you are.

3- Don’t be too easy

Don’t obey everything he demands you to do and don’t do anything that you feel is against your values or ethics just to make him happy or to satisfy his ego, put your borders and let him know what you can and cannot accept.

Give him some motives to gain some extra privileges when he deserves them and some other privileges only after marriage but again within your acceptable limits of your values and ethics that you shouldn’t change for him.

4- Panic of commitment

You must know that it is totally normal for you and for him to panic from commitment, these panic levels even rise more when a wedding date is set and the countdown starts.

Did I chose the right person to spend the rest of my life with? Is this really the man who is good enough to be the father of my children? Should I give myself another chance maybe I would meet someone else? Am I ready for commitment and marriage and its responsibilities?

All these thoughts and questions are normal and he is thinking about them too, it is never an indicator that you stopped loving each others or that something is wrong, just ignore these thoughts, trust your heart and don’t take any decisions or discussions based on these normal faulty thoughts.

5- Parents should have limits too

Most of the problems in this phase comes from parents and if you are the elder or the only child in the family then my prayers that God would be with you.

Let your parents know their limits in a nice way, don’t let them be part of the problems that should stay between you and your fiancé only, let them only worry about the financial and social parts and ask them to involve you in each and every discussion or decision, let them know it’s your life and not theirs.

Always appreciate their advice that is based on experience and try to consider them cause they might be right, always discuss with a calm friendly tone and ask them to be flexible if you really love him and trust him but again ask them to worry only about some of the issues and not the whole subject.

6- Third party effect

Some friends might have a very negative effect on you, they might give you wrong advice or try to analyze some situations or behavior, they sometimes even compare you or him with other people and build judgments on that.

Some friends are trustful and some others are jealous so just take care and don’t share too many details about your relationship with them or you might face some negative consequences that will certainly affect you.

7- Be honest about yourself

Express yourself and tell him what you love or hate, discuss with him previous relationships if any and don’t hide it for now, tell him what you accept and what you don’t, always tell the truth and don’t put cosmetics on it.

It’s better to tell him about everything now and if he is having a problem with it then better discuss it now than later.

8- Share your concerns

Tell him what you are afraid of and what you dislike in him or the way he is thinking, have an open-minded and clear discussions to kill all the topics that irritates you before it gets bigger by time.

9- Test your abilities to sacrifice

Are you willing to sacrifice your dream of wearing the big expensive white wedding dress and settle for a small family party? Is he willing to sacrifice your income if you wish to be only a housewife taking care of the children only at your own will and he would take care of all the financial liabilities?

These are only examples to test or even act on what you can both sacrifice in order to stay together and make it happen, give yourselves a real test and see if you can accept a behavior or attitude you don’t like in him and you never imagined you could accept and he should do the same too.

Just remember, you might be in love with him so much, but don’t forget to love yourself too and know your limits of what you can’t sacrifice.

10- Discuss all the plans

Put all your plans together for the future and discuss them, financial plans, kids, travel and vacation times, working abroad, career…etc. don’t leave things open to surprises later on, put your dreams in a plan and work on it later on together.

Putting plans early enough lets you know what areas you both agree or disagree on, what are the risks you might face, how you will deal with your problems together and finally what level of support you will both expect from each other.


Tip of the week: All the above are some rational thoughts but if not based on love and sealed with it then none of them will work, love is and will always be your biggest motive to deal with life problems or mistakes in a rational way, so don’t ever lose it along the way.

From Adam: Men, Women and football

From Adam (A guide for every woman to know how to deal with men)

One of the things that causes arguments between men and women is football games, most men are football fans and most women just hate it.

Some of the arguments about Football games might be triggered because the games are consuming a lot of his time or sometimes it is affecting your appointments as he might cancel your outing together because of a game or he might just stay out with friends for a long time watching matches…etc.

If your man is crazy about football and hard for him to miss a game then maybe you need to read the following lines to know how to deal with it.

Accept it

For you it might sound impossible, right? But if you want him to be less crazy about it then you must accept that he cannot just stop watching football all of a sudden and that it will take time for him to change so start by accepting football as a fact in your life first.

You don’t need to love it, you just need to cope with it as it is only a game that lasts for less than two hours and he will be back again to real life.

Have it part of the plan

If you are not aware of the schedule of important football matches then you might plan for something while there is a game at that same time, this will start a problem as he will tend to cancel any other appointments.

Whenever you are planning for anything important in a certain date try to ask if any games are in that date so that you can re-plan accordingly.

Set some limits

When you show some acceptance to the games then you can ask him in return to change some of the routine, for example you can agree with him that it is fine to watch the game and after it discuss it for some little time with friends over the phone but he shouldn’t be seeing all the after match analysis, statistics and highlights again and again.

Set the limits with him so that you can both agree on a middle ground of accepted time for football.

Make it an indoor activity

If you are annoyed that he usually goes out to see the game with friends then why not to ask him to invite his friends to watch it at home while you prepare for them a snack, some drinks and popcorn.

Share the fun

Not all the football matches are boring and some of them are really fun, so why don’t you know from him the important matches to watch together for his favorite team, for example the final game in a championship, world cup, competitions for national teams…etc.

On these important matches try to support his team by getting a jersey with the same color of that team or put the flag color on your cheek and start cheering together he will like it a lot and most probably you will get a nice hug after each goal your team scores and after winning you will have a lot of fun time celebrating it.

If you know nothing about the rules then don’t worry, just cheer when your team is going towards the opponent’s net or close to it, on the contrary thank god whenever it is close to your team’s net but not inside it and be sad if they scored inside the net.


Tip of the week: Don’t ask him a lot about the rules of the game while the match is undergoing, just wait when the ball is not in play and that would be a good time to ask.

Important note: Don’t ask him what is “offside” as it takes a lot of time to be explained and only 5% of women actually get to know how it works, so don’t worry about it and let go.